About Us

About Us

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What We Do

We are a Sheffield-based theatre company that creates projects with communities about the things that matter to them. 

We use theatre and the arts to:

EXPLORE community voices and experiences through workshops and interviews;

CREATE performances and interactive exhibitions.

Mission Statement

Cohesion and Understanding

Our work celebrates different voices and experiences. We believe that theatre and the arts can transform the way we see ourselves, our relationships with others and the world around us, leading to better understanding and, ultimately, more peaceful societies.

Awareness of social injustice to inspire and inform change


How we work







People come first and foremost. We strive to make sure everything we do is imbued with a sense of care. Through long-term connections with people and communities we prioritise human relationships in the work we create together.

Who we are


Jessica Matthews

Jessica is a theatre practitioner who has designed and delivered creative workshops for a variety of community groups. She has trained extensively in Theatre of the Oppressed in the UK and Brazil and is a French and Portuguese speaker.

Jessica has an MA in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution and is passionate about the role of the arts in peacebuilding and social change.


Jack Owen

Jack is a photographer and project manager who has delivered a variety of development programmes in East Africa and the UK over the last decade. Most recently Jack has worked for Refugee Council and World Jewish Relief, managing employment programmes for resettled refugees in the North of England.

He is currently working on a freelance photography project celebrating refugees and their contribution to Sheffield life.